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After I came back home
From my adventure with a Time Lord
I was soon followed by a race
That never leave you bored

As I put the final touches on
My lovely diorama
I heard a voice call me to dinner
I could've sworn it was Gramma

But when I came downstairs, I saw
Five metal aliens
The worst of the Doctor's foes
The Daleks, who sound like Australians

They spotted me and screamed that word
"Exterminate!" I ran upstairs
But it was too late, my project was ashes
And I think I grew gray hairs

Luckily, the Doctor saved me again
Just as a Dalek snuck up
Being so lucky for this fate
I feel kinda stuck up

In a battle of epic proportions
I saved all time and space
With the Doctor and his sonic screwdriver
Shooting all over the place

He returned me home (again)
And warned me to be cautious
The thought of being attacked again
It really makes me nauseous

What could I have done at 12:30
But fall asleep and brood?
It's just a pile of soot...
I'm sorry I'm in a bad mood

I worked so hard on it, I know
It disappeared in seconds
But what can I do while facing doom
But answer while it beckons?
A sort of sequel to Aliens Stole My Homework. Another (slightly different) excuse for not having something on time. Similar to the first, but a little more stereotypical Doctor Who. The Daleks are awesome...evil, but cool. The one after this, btw, is The Doctor Botched My Essay.

Doctor Who, the Daleks (c) their original creators
Each of the Doctor's actors (c) themselves
InvaderIka Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
It is a epic masterpiece!!

Even the Eleventh Doctor agrees--> :icondoctorthumbsupplz:
Myrcury-Art Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Professional General Artist
lol! Funny. :D
alexjackson1988 Featured By Owner May 4, 2011   Writer
thanks :)
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